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Fiat Professional Ducato Goods Transport

The Ultimate Adapter

The new generation of business is already at work. To cope with extraordinary needs, Ducato offers a full range of versions and conversions, perfect for you and your work team.


An engine for every mission, efficient fuel consumption and emissions, dynamic and ecological. The MultiJet engines with Gear Shift Indicator are also available with Start&Stop and all the manual versions have 6 speed gearboxes, with specific gear ratios for the Maxi range. The UP button optimises gear shifts when the vehicle has a full load or is going uphill.


Ducato is synonymous with optimum safety and performance. It is equipped with all the most advanced control and safety technology.

Full Brake Control

Full Brake Control is an integrated system designed to prevent or reduce the severity of a collision. It detects obstacles in the forward path and, once an impending collision is detected, either alerts the driver and triggers an autonomous emergency braking.

Blind Spot Assist

The Blind Spot Assist uses radar sensors installed in the rear bumper to detect upcoming vehicles that are not visible because in the blind-spot angle of the rear-view mirrors.

Rear Cross Path Detection

The Rear Cross Path Detection uses radar sensors to detect upcoming vehicles from the side, when driving back. It helps avoiding accidents in manoeuvring.


The ESC takes over automatically in emergency situations, such as if you have to swerve suddenly to avoid an obstacle. It monitors lateral acceleration, speed, grip and the steering wheel angle. It processes the data and, if necessary, regulates the torque and braking system to restore perfect stability to the vehicle.

Roll Over Mitigation

Rollover mitigation is a new support system for the ESC. It prevents rollover risk situations at high speed and reduces roll when cornering at low speed

Hill Holder

Brakes the vehicle during hill-starts, stopping it from rolling backwards without the need to use the handbrake. It then releases the brake automatically.

Load Adaptive Control

Integrated in the ESC, the system calculates the vehicle’s load conditions whilst driving, in particular the weight and the position of the centre of gravity. Based on these parameters, it intervenes, calculating and communicating new calibrations and intervention thresholds to the ABS, ASR, ESC and Roll Over Mitigation so that they always function as effectively as possible.


Traction+ is the innovative traction control system that helps improve grip on slippery surfaces. In the presence of ESC and low grip on one of the driving wheels, torque is transferred to the wheel with the best grip on the road. This improves handling and guarantees better directional stability.

Hill Descent Control

This enables you to drive downhill, on gradients of up to 50%, without using the brake or accelerator pedals, so you can give your full attention to driving.


The Lane Departure Warning System can determine when the vehicle is swerving from its lane, even in low visibility weather conditions. In the event of danger, an audio and visual signal alerts the driver to the potential risk.


Using the on-board camera, the TSR assists the driver by recognising speed limit and overtaking signs and displaying them on the on-board display to advise the driver.

High Beam Recognition

This manages the activation and deactivation of the headlights’ full beam, increasing visibility and reducing the risk of dazzling when driving at night, automatically recognising oncoming vehicles.

Rain and Dusk Sensors

The Rain Sensor activates the windscreen wipers and regulates their speed, depending on the intensity of the rain. The Dusk Sensor automatically activates the low beam headlights when the outside light is insufficient.

Cruise control and speed limiter

Cruise Control lets you set and maintain a constant cruising speed. The Speed Limiter lets you set a maximum travelling speed, increasing safety and reducing the risk of speed violations. By fully depressing the accelerator pedal, the driver can exceed the set limit for overtaking.


This continually monitors the tyre pressure and advises of any loss of pressure directly on the on board display.

Key Features

  • Load volume From 8 to 17 m3
  • Max Load Length 4,070 mm
  • Max Load Height 2,172 mm
  • Width of Rear Door1,562 mm
  • Payload 2,800 to 4,250 Kg